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“Singer-songwriter Jennifer Hedstrom’s piano-driven pop songs are meditations on the natural world that also explore complicated emotional landscapes. Her singing is a breath of fresh air — clear and unadorned — as is her classically inspired piano playing.”
– Isthmus Picks

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Jennifer Hedstrom is a piano-centered singer-songwriter based in Madison, WI.  During her career as a songwriter, she has released two full length solo albums: Prairie (2018) and Bodies of Water (2011).

Jennifer holds a B.M. in Piano Performance from Illinois State University and an M.M. in Collaborative Piano from University of Wisconsin - Madison.  She moved to Madison, WI in 2010 to pursue her graduate degree and has been based out of Madison ever since.  She lives with her two cats, partner, and piano in a cozy book-laden home.  


As a songwriter, Jennifer believes that music is a powerful vehicle for storytelling.  She has made it her mission to not only share her own stories in song, but to lift up the voices of others as well.  


Jennifer has participated in collaborative songwriting projects ranging from a song for a loved one’s 100th birthday celebration, to traditional musical theater pieces.  Locally, she has served as a songwriter for the following arts organizations: Whoopensocker, Music Theatre of Madison, Puppet Laurieate, and Overture Center’s Lullaby Project.  

Commissioned by Music Theatre of Madison, Jennifer recently authored her first full-length original musical, “Ten Days in a Madhouse,” with co-writer Karen Saari.  The world premiere took place in August 2022. 

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